Market Leading Actuators & Pyrotechnics

Our actuators use a pyrotechnic ignition that is contained within the device. This guarantees that there is no flash, flame or gas release externally. Our actuators can safely be used in any environment, including hazardous atmospheres.

servicing the needs of the security industry

Unsurprisingly, actuators and pyrotechnics are key contributors within the security industries. A variety of devices can be used for cash protection within ATMs and cash-in-transit containers when under attack. These will stain and degrade stolen notes or release CO2 gas, both a huge deterrent to the criminal fraternity.

“Success most often stems from solid new technology used to develop value-creating opportunities for our clients or the discovery of overlooked market needs combined with tech-innovations.”


British Energetics Security Logistics

aeronautical & space technology

From jet fighters to civil aircraft and satellites, aeronautics and space is the glamorous and exciting face of our industry. These applications also demand the highest specifications, safety qualifications and innovation. 

Military applications can include seat ejectors, canopy release devices and inflation of life savers, whilst at a commercial level oxygen masks and escape chutes rely on actuators in an emergency. 

Space tech can see actuators and pyrotechnics engaged in the launch process and within the craft or satellites themselves. British Energetics offer solutions off the shelf, but the majority of our contracts are custom and bespoke solutions to the most complex requirements.

renewables & green energy

As the world transitions to a more sustainable and low carbon future our actuator technology is being implemented across the board or should we say grid. As energy flows through the grid and through more devices than ever before, actuator and pyrotechnic solutions are being used in more and more imaginative ways to implement control and safety applications. We are proud to be researching and contributing to a greener future.

oil & gas industries

In hazardous environments, encased and ‘100% safe’ actuators and pyrotechnics have played an important role in the oil and gas industries. As exploration and extraction have moved offshore, especially in the UK, our actuators have proven invaluable in above the surface and below the sea applications.

Automotive & motorsport

The team at British Energetics have been working with automotive designers and manufacturers since the early 80’s. We have been at the forefront of vehicle safety with our design and innovation within this dynamic industry. We have seen our pyrotechnic and actuator solutions used in airbag technology within the public domain and extinguisher systems within motor racing. The applications are endless and we continue to develop new technologies with our automotive partners.